We are the largest one-stop-shop in Malabar which accommodating all the needs and dreams of the people.

Forum Center is the massive comprehensive and large center for celebration located in Edappal, Malappuram district, Kerala. Each floor of the Forum center is an exhilarating mixture of shopping and recreation and loaded with vivid stores and fun zones that would amuse your day.


01. The Mall is perfectly positioned in the heart of the city, near the main bus stand .
02. Schools, colleges, and other commercial hubs are present in the mall’s vicinity, ensuring a constant footfall of all age groups.
03. The Mall has been designed by award winning Architects, crafting the exterior and interiors of the mall into a premium and luxurious architectural marvel.
04. Edappal is well known for its varied imported goods and related markets in the region. This flourished tourism would enhance the quantity & quality of the products and elevate the shopping experience for all.
05. As Edappal is an adjoining city of three major districts, the transportation infrastructure further aids trade and tourism.

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We believe in the saying that everybody should live in love and happiness. Thus we have built Forum Center, as a space where each and every one can experience that sense of happiness along with their loved ones. We have envisioned forum center as a smart shopping and entertainment platform for all. With the variety of retailers and the quality of the retail we offer, Forum center is destined to be an attraction for shoppers from all over. We will never compromise on quality, and everyone who steps inside our mall is our most valued customer. We hope it feels like home, with us serving you to your heart’s content. I hope you enjoy this experience of a lifetime!


01. To serve and elevate the lifestyle all around.
02. To be a place, where vibrant community life is created, shared, and celebrated.
03. To become a center that will touch the hearts of billions of customers.
04. To become a premium quality destination for entertainment, lifestyle, and dining.
05. To make a difference and spread joy by offering infinite experiences.
06. To be known for its excellent products and services, enhancing the quality of trade.


Our principal mission is to hit the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing the best shopping experience anybody has ever had. We intend to provide the best service, selection and quality to the customers in a way that anyone who leaves would leave with a smile.

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